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Auto Window Tinting

Window Tinting for Santa Cruz, Monterey & SF Bay Area

Family Owned and Operated for 40 Years

Our showroom has a variety of examples for you to choose from. We can help pick the right solution for you.

Enhance Your Vehicle's Apperance

The benefits of our tinting services include the following:

  • Reducing fading to the interior
  • Diminishing risks from UV rays
  • Decreasing heat from the sun
  • Cutting down on glare
  • Enhancing your vehicle's appearance
  • Increase your security and safety
Cut down on glare in car

The most common material that is out there is the dyed material, which does look good, but does not really do the job when it comes to UV protection. 

Auto UV Protection

Our infused metal technology gives you the best of both worlds by actually incorporating metals like titanium and silver into the coating. This new technology reduces the amount of heat and UV light that can damage the inside of your car. 

Automobile Window Film

All our Formula One film comes with a transferable, lifetime warranty!

We would be pleased to answer any of your questions and provide you with more information. Please don't hesitate to request a quote or schedule an appointment. See more photos in our Project Gallery.

Paint Protection for Your Automobile

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Transparent Glass Coatings, Inc.

T.G.C. Window Tinting does all of its installations at our state-of-the-art facility in Research Park. Our installers use specific techniques developed at T.G.C. and have many years of experience. Come down and see our comfortable, educational showroom. One of our friendly staff members will walk you through all of our different materials and window tint colors. Call (831) 464-TINT for an appointment. Installations come with a lifetime warranty and take about four hours per vehicle to complete.

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