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Commercial Window Coatings

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Window Films For Your Business

Our team at Transparent Glass Coatings has extensive experience providing Santa Cruz window tinting for commercial buildings. Throughout the years we have refined our process to deliver exceptional results that improve your energy savings, climate control, and overall protection from UV rays. As a family-owned and operated business with 40 years of experience, we are dedicated to addressing your window tinting needs.

Commercial Window Tint

We provide the following services for commercial window coating:

  • Energy Evaluation: We visit your location and give a thorough assessment of future heating and cooling costs as a result of your windows. Then, we show you how much money you may be able to save and help you qualify for efficient energy rebates from PG&E.
  • LEED Qualification: Our team can show you how to become LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The products we use can reduce your carbon footprint in the world, which has become more of an issue with global businesses.
  • Reduced Glare: The products on the market have become even more efficient than in the past. Our selection of products can reduce up to 83% of solar glare.
  • Superior Insulation: We have superior technology that provides a solar insulating coating that will keep you building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Privacy Film for Windows

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers through installing top-quality 3M products.

A few examples of the commercial window films we may offer include:

  • Solar control film
  • Safety film
  • Anti-graffiti film
  • Decorative film
  • Privacy film
Window Tinting for Businesses

We have applied window tinting on a variety of commercial properties including, offices, hotels, and schools. There are seemingly endless benefits to having a window coating applied for your commercial property. This service can be a worthwhile investment that will benefit you're business for many years.

Climate Control for Hotels
Portola Hotel

We treat every home and business with meticulous care and we use only the finest products available. Click below for a Free Estimate or give us a call at (831) 476-9627

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Transparent Glass Coatings, Inc.

Window films can be installed on commercial windows for various purposes. These reasons may include energy savings, climate control, protection from harmful UV rays, graffiti defense, and protection against accidental breakage or natural disasters. Due to the rising cost of energy and environmental impact, energy efficiency is become a heightened concern for businesses globally. The U.S. Green Building Council has adopted The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System to evaluate the efficiency of buildings. Installation of window film can provide building owners, builders, engineers, and architects points to help qualify for LEED certification.

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