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Decorative Films
Decorative Window Films

Our decorative films at Transparent Glass Coatings Inc. are a beautiful addition to any home or workspace.  We have a long lasting product that can beautify your work or home environment.

New processing techniques have allowed for the creation of Decorative Window Films. These products are taking the market by storm. Interior decorators, contractors, residential & commercial window installers are embracing these designs with open arms. Decorative Films come in different patterns and shades, and are easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time.

The types of films we offer have the following benefits:
  • Comes in an assortment of different patterns
  • Can be easily removed and replaced
  • Provides beauty and privacy
Coatings Provide Beauty and Privacy

We have many aesthetic choices in our product line to choose from. Whether you prefer plain frosted film, embossed patterns, opaque films, or custom designs, our team can provide the decorative film you want. If you want to change the look of your space or add privacy, this option is cost effective and very easy to apply!

Types of films: Frosted films, Embossed Patterned films, Architectural films, Opaque films, Films for bathroom privacy, Prismatic light scattering films, colored and simulated stained glass film and much more.

Frosted Film for Windows

We are also able to cut custom designs in the decorative films, such as specialty patterns or your company's logo. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. Frosted films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a number of attractive patterns. Click for a Free Estimate below.

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Transparent Glass Coatings, Inc.

Are you looking for decorative window film in Santa Cruz or the surrounding areas? Here at Transparent Glass Coatings we have 40+ years of experience providing Santa Cruz window tinting services to a wide range of residents and business owners in the area. Whether you are looking for a little privacy with an opaque window film or a specialty design on a conference room door, we can find something that meets your needs.

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