Safety & Security Films

An Invisible Source of Protection

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Safety & Security Films

Owning a home or business requires taking the proper steps to protect your property and investment. One of the more affordable and simple ways that you can do this is by having our team at Transparent Glass Coatings install security window films for your commercial windows.

Safety and security window films help to strengthen glass from the following:

  • Natural disasters (such as hurricanes and earthquakes)
  • Break ins, vandalism, graffiti, and burglaries
  • Accidents, such as a flying golf ball or rocks
Security Window Films

An Invisible Source of Protection

Safety and Security films are made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives. Easily installed to the interior of new glass or existing glass, the film forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when a pane breaks. This can effectively reduce flying glass-related injuries that can result from everything from a hurricane or earthquake tremor to a terrorist attack.

Reduce Glare in Office Buildings

Various levels of film protection are available to address various hazard levels. These products have been used to bring annealed glass up to current building code standards, which can be more cost effective than replacing the unit with tempered glass. Physical properties and testing data.


Flying glass can cause serious damage and severe injuries. Avoid this hazardous risk by having our experienced team apply our safety and security films! The other benefits to window tinting include protecting your glass from wear and tear and protecting your interior and equipment from sun exposure. Call us today to ask our team any questions you have about our security film options.

Authorized 3M Dealer
Authorized 3M Dealer
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At Transparent Glass Coatings, our comprehensive services has made us a leader in Santa Cruz WindowTinting. We offer additional options for safety. Our security films can prevent damage when a window breaks or shatters. The film can reduce the amount of shattered glass and can be applied to cars, residential properties, and commercial buildings as well.

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