Solar Protection

Reduce Solar Heat, Glare & Fading

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Solar Protection

Block Glare & Harmful UV Rays

TGC Window Coatings address the following:

  • Reduces the amount of fading to furniture or artwork caused by UV light
  • Lowers the infrared that heats up interior spaces of your home or business
  • Eliminates or reduces glare so that it is easier to see inside your home or business
Reduce Glare and Harmful UV Rays

The products on the market have become even more efficient than in the past. Our selection of products can reduce up to 83% of solar glare.

3M™ Sun Control Window Films

Providing an abundance of natural light in your buildings is a great way to conserve energy. But sunlight can create excessive heat and uncomfortable hot spots, fades valuable furnishings, creates computer screen glare and contains harmful UV rays. 

Sun Control Window Films

3M™ Sun Control Window Films help you to control energy costs and provide you with a more comfortable environment. With new technologies, like infused metals and ceramics in our coatings, we can protect from harmful UV rays and solar heat without changing the appearance of your windows. 

Reduce Solar Heat with Window Tint

To get the best film at the best price for your home or business, choose Transparent Glass Coatings. You will see what makes us a leader in the industry.

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Transparent Glass Coatings, Inc.

Commercial buildings are often plagued by heat gain and glare problems. This is due to building design and the fact that in most commercial buildings, the personnel is isolated to one particular area. We can perform an energy audit, a complex evaluation of energy use in the forms of heating and cooling, to determine future energy savings and a payback period for your investment.

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