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Auto Window Tinting

Window Tinting for Santa Cruz, Monterey & San Francisco Bay Area

Family Owned and Operated for Over 40 Years

The benefits of our tinting services include:

  • Enhance style and privacy, or maintain your vehicle’s factory look
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Stop excessive heat build-up
  • Reduce harsh glare
  • Improve your vehicle’s safety and Security

Enhance Your Vehicle's Apperance

LLumar® FormulaOne® Films

As the Monterey Bay’s only authorized LLumar® SelectPro™ Dealer, we exclusively offer select lines of LLumar FormulaOne automotive window tints.

Many inferior films use low quality materials or have color applied only to the surface, making them less durable and prone to fading. FormulaOne films start with a micro-thin sheet of deep-dyed polyethylene and UV blockers. They are then further treated with additional UV blockers, a durable scratch resistant coating, and applied to a strong adhesive layer for maximum longevity.

‍Since all FormulaOne films are made in the U.S. by the world’s largest window film manufacturer, they are guaranteed by the best nationwide, lifetime, transferable warranty in the industry.

Cut down on glare in car

Classic Series Dyed Tint

If you’re looking for a window tint to enhance the style of your vehicle, then FormulaOne Classic series is a great value. Every shade of Classic looks great, helps increase privacy, resists scratches, reduces annoying glare, and blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Auto UV Protection

Pinnacle Series Ceramic Tint

For most of our customers, enhancing style and privacy is only the first part of having the custom tint that they want. If you are also looking for a film that keeps your vehicle cooler and better protects the interior, then Pinnacle series ceramic window films are the perfect choice.

Like all FormulaOne tints, Pinnacle can help improve privacy, resist scratching, and reduce annoying glare.  By adding an innovative and durable nano-ceramic layer, Pinnacle provides higher UV rejection and much better heat resistance, all without interfering with wireless signals or your vehicle’s sensitive electronics.

Automobile Window Film

AIR Series Clear Tint

A favorite for people looking to protect their skin and their vehicle’s interior, LLumar AIR series film provides the performance of Pinnacle in a clear product that won’t change your vehicle’s look or impair your visibility through the glass. Since it rejects over 99% of both UVB and deep penetrating UVA rays, AIR film is like having a transparent sunscreen for your car!

Stratos Series Premium Tint

Sometimes, only the best will do. If you are looking for style and maximum performance, look no further than Stratos Series.

Stratos starts with the same solid foundation and exacting standards as every other FormulaOne film. Then, billions of heat-absorbing nanoscopic particles are layered in a proprietary microthin film to trap infrared heat and disperse it outward through the glass. This exclusive Hybrid-Matrix™ technology provides a cooler, more comfortable ride without interfering with wireless signals or sensitive electronics.

We would be pleased to answer any of your questions and provide you with more information. Please don't hesitate to request a quote or schedule an appointment. See more photos in our Project Gallery.

Paint Protection for Your Automobile

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Transparent Glass Coatings, Inc.

T.G.C. Window Tinting does all of its installations at our state-of-the-art facility in Research Park. Our installers use specific techniques developed at T.G.C. and have many years of experience. Come down and see our comfortable, educational showroom. One of our friendly staff members will walk you through all of our different materials and window tint colors. Call (831) 464-TINT for an appointment. Installations come with a lifetime warranty and take about four hours per vehicle to complete.

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