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Daylight Redirecting Film is a simple, effective daylighting solution which comfortably brings natural light deeper into buildings.

New to the world 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, utilizes micro-replication to redirect light that would have originally hit the floor a few feet from the window, up onto the ceiling, helping to light the room as deep as 40 feet from the window. The technology "micro-replication" refers to microscopic structures that are able to redirect as much as 80% of light up onto the ceiling, providing more natural light, which has been linked to increased productivity and purchasing behavior, and helping to reduce your dependence on electric lighting. 

how it works

Here's how it works

Daylight Redirecting Film is installed in the upper portion of the window.

Daylight is redirected upwards towards the ceiling allowing natural light to comfortably penetrate deeper into the building.

Made of micro-structured prisms, the film optically redirects over 80% of the daylight upward and diffuses light to be more evenly distributed.

Micro-replication Technology

Buildings with abundant natural light have been shown to:

• Increase employee productivity
• Boost retail sales
• Improve student test scores
• Decrease rates of absenteeism
• Improve patient recovery times
• Reduce energy costs

Naturally Brighten Your Day

Daylight Redirecting Film is designed to move excess light close to the window and redirect it deeper into the building to increase the daylighting penetration. Bringing natural light deeper into the building provides the many benefits of natural light for more occupants as well as reducing the need for artificial lighting which saves energy. In addition, Daylight Redirecting Film:

• Reduces glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight on occupants
• Redirects natural light as much as 40 ft or more into the building
• Extends daylight zone up to 8 ft into the interior for every 1 ft of treated window
• Can provide up to 52% lighting energy savings compared to baseline usage
• Can provide savings of up to 1.5 kwh/sq ft of floor area

3M™ Feather Friendly®
Bird Deterrent window film

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Protect birds from colliding with your windows while maintaining an attractive building appearance

Over the past decade there has been a groundswell of interest by government, industry, and citizens in environmental issues. One serious aspect of protecting our environment is protecting birds from fatal collisions with man-made structures, and this issue has not been addressed by our society, until now. Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Technology is designed to protect our feathered friends while enhancing the building’s design.

Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology Now at Transparent Glass Coatings

It is estimated that collisions account for 1 billion bird deaths each year, or 10% of the total bird population in North America. In all of these collisions, buildings pose the biggest threat. Exterior glass, whether it is clear, tinted, or reflective, is not a recognizable part of the natural world for birds, and therefore, they simply do not 'see' it. Daytime collisions are generally associated with the reflection on the glass of vegetation or the sky on the lower 3-5 floors.

Feather Friendly is an aftermarket, easy-to-use and unobtrusive window application that is barely noticeable to humans but highly effective in allowing birds to ‘see’ the windows, allowing them to avoid deadly collisions.

Ask a TGC Team Member About Feather Friendly® Products for Your Home or Business.
Transparent Glass Coatings is delighted to be a supplier and installer of this innovative window film. We are hoping this film will help save some of the billions of birds that live around us as well as also those who visit us yearly. The Bay Area is a major stop for birds following the “Pacific Flyway” (the major north-south flyway for migratory birds in America). We would love to help in saving the lives of our feathered friends, wouldn’t you?

‘Bird-Friendly' Design Strategies-Reducing Daytime Collisions’ (Article)

3M™ Thinsulate™
climate control window film

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3M Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film
The 3M Thinsulate™ brand has been in existence for almost 50 years. Many of the products under this brand are utilized in the process of insulating jackets, shoes, gloves and bedding. This amazing technology is now available in window film!

Thinsulate™window film will increase your window’s thermal heat retention by 40% in the winter and reduce your summer heat gain by 50%. Also, you will get the bonus of 99.9% rejection of all broad spectrum UV rays. Thinsulate™ window film will enhance the comfort and the efficiency of your home all year round.

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