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Adding window tint to your vehicle is something that can be very beneficial to you. From reducing the glare that you will see when you are driving to improving your car’s gas mileage by eliminating the need to crank the air conditioner, there are many reasons to have window tinting done. There are also many types of window tint for you to choose from. Here are several of the more popular options available to you.

blue car

Dyed Film

If you want to make your window tint as dark as possible, this is the way to go. This type of tint involves dying a piece of polyester film. It doesn’t reduce heat inside of your car as well as other tints, but it is excellent when it comes to reducing glare and preventing interior fading.

Metalized Film

In order to reflect UV rays and reduce the amount of heat inside of your car, you can use this type of auto window tinting that includes a number of metals adhered to the film. The problem with it is that it has been known to interfere with cell phone and GPS signals, but it is very effective at blocking out the sun.

Hybrid Tint

When you combine the process of manufacturing dyed and metalized films, you get this type of tint, which is widely regarded as a premium version of the tints listed above. It will both reflect UV rays and protect your vehicle’s interior better than the previous tint options.

Ceramic Tint

This is one the most technologically advanced tints on the market right now. It incorporates nano-ceramics into the mix, which are proven to absorb heat better than dyes and metals. It’s a very durable tint and will provide you with excellent clarity.

Crystalline Tint

If you want to tint your windows without making them dark, this tint will block UV rays and keep your car cool, but it will do it without actually tinting your windows at all. It offers all the benefits of window tint without making it look like your windows have been darkened.