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Are You Looking To Add Window Tinting Near Monterey?

Transparent Glass Coating can install a wide range of window tint in your home. Known for quality, reliability, and value, the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series is one of the leading types of window tint that you can get at Transparent Glass Coating. Read below to find out more about the advantages of the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series.



Available in more than 50 distinct designs, the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series lets you choose a decorative window finish that reflects your taste and the style of your home.

3M Fasara Window Tint Series offers you a great value on textured, cut, etched, and sandblasted glass. With the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series, you can transform your plain glass into beautiful, decorative glass for much less than what competitors charge.


Because there are so many gradients of tint available in the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series, you can choose the precise level of privacy and light control you desire.

3M Fasara Window Tint Series glass finishes can be used monolithically to create the popular “ricepaper wall” effects. They can also be die-cut or layered to create a vibrant, dynamic effect.

Ease of Installation

Professionals can install the 3M Fasara Window Tint Series with ease thanks to the high quality of 3M adhesives. 3M Fasara Window Tint Series glass substrates can be installed quickly, accurately, and with beautiful and durable results.


3M Fasara Window Tint Series decorative window film is made from durable and flexible polyester to ensure years of durability and reliable performance. While other window tint materials need to be replaced every few years, the 3M window tint is designed to last for the long haul.


3M Fasara Window Tint Series decorative window films are perfect for interior glass doors and the inside surface of windows. They look great in a variety of settings, including verandas, partitions, private offices, residential locations, retail settings, and lobbies.